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David’s Kosher products are synonymous with outstanding quality and unsurpassed flavor. The deliciousness and diversity of use of David’s makes these products staples in the cupboards of families and in chef pantry’s throughout the world.

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When home cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs reach for kosher salt, many will settle for none other than David’s Kosher Salt. The characteristics of these flavorful coarse white crystalline flakes, splendidly enhance the flavor of foods. Perfect for cooking, baking, koshering and brining, David’s Kosher Salt is the impeccable choice and available in just the right size for any professional or home kitchen! David Kosher Salt…. you’re going to love it!

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Noodles liven up any dish and David’s Egg Noodles are the premier choice due their delicate, delicious and versatile nature. Nothing livens up soups, side dishes and casseroles like David’s Egg Noodles. The light and airy nature of the noodles compliment other ingredients and bring a texture to dishes unlike any other. We encourage you to try our famous David’s Egg Noodles in your favorite recipes or as the star ingredient of your favorite entrée—nothing could be better!